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"I wish I could give Caleb a higher rating. They absolutely rocked our wedding! The dance floor was packed the whole time. I think my three year old nephew is still dancing. Lol. Their expertise goes well beyond just what music to play to keep people dancing. The flow of everything was exactly what we hoped for, and Caleb dictated that. They really got a feel for who we are as a couple and the experience reflected that. We used numerous ideas that they suggested to us, and I'm so glad we did. Things that we never would have thought of, worked so well to not only get the party going, but also to help my bride and I really take everything in. One of the first things that Caleb told us over Skype (we couldn't meet in person because of my schedule) was that they strive to be the anti cornball DJ. I couldn't say it better myself. There was zero cornball factor. With Generation Y, you get much more than a DJ service. Caleb really helped run the show and worked seamlessly with our venue's staff. They also provided uplighting which made the venue look great. Things like this are why it's worth spending a little extra money on Gen Y. Our pictures will look great, not just because everyone in them was dancing and having a blast, but because the uplighting made the venue look great. I can't say enough good things about this wonderful couple. They work great together and really made our idea of our reception come to fruition."


"We were absolutely thrilled with the evening GYE Entertainment put on for us during our wedding night!

When we began planning our wedding, we were challenged in working remotely with our vendors. Living in New York City, we were very limited in the meeting and concept time with our vendors in Florida. Caleb immediately understood our vision for the event. From his openness to try new things to their excellent track record – they gave us confidence in selecting them as our wedding DJ’s.

During the planning stages, their talent became apparent when they were able to customize a set list to our own personal style. They worked around our busy work schedules, and were available for Skype calls to come up with new, innovative ideas to enhance our vision.

During the wedding dinner and reception, Caleb read the crowd wonderfully, enhancing the event to create a truly memorable night. They handled our on-the-fly music requests, while very respectfully balancing the craziness that is our friends and family!

Between their true passion to personalize our dinner and reception, their excellent communication throughout the planning process, and their overall ability to elevate the evening with tasteful crowd interactions, we are so glad we chose GYE Entertainment as our wedding DJ’s.

P.S. We still listen to the personalized wedding playlist they created for us!" 


"Caleb is all that you need and could ever ask for in terms of your wedding entertainment. Music was my biggest concern as I come from a large Latin family and my husband is Jewish. How could we make sure to satisfy both groups of guests? Caleb made it happen that's how! So thankful for his professionalism, attentiveness, flexibility, and understanding. He knew what we wanted from the beginning and delivered on our wedding day. Not a large DJ company with a ton of DJs, never knowing what you're going to get. They care about you as a bride and groom and the quality of service is beyond what could be imagined. Thank you for a magical evening!"


"I write to recommend, without hesitation,  Generation Y Entertainment. If you are in the market for a contemporary, non-cheesy, interactive, and professional wedding or event DJ, GYE will deliver the goods at a very reasonable price. I am a total audiophile and a snob when it comes to music, so my wife left the task of finding an acceptable wedding entertainment team to me. I wanted someone with a very open mind when it came to music selections (ours were not outrageous, just different and probably more “off the grid” than your standard wedding music fare). I also wanted a DJ with very good equipment, the ear to tune it to the room, and the know-how to get it set up in a discreet fashion. I went to meet with Caleb so we could discuss our collective vision for the wedding. He showed me his equipment set-up (which is no joke), we discussed different artists and styles and song choices, and then we just kicked back and listened to tunes for a while. After that, I hired him on the spot. Caleb  also provides incredible MC services. Both were professionally dressed, spoke eloquently and with comedy that hit the mark, arrived well ahead of schedule, and made suggestions that my wife and I both loved for different ways of getting the tables through the buffet line, breaking up the night/scheduling of the reception events (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc), and concluding with a private “last dance” that we will never forget (which included Caleb personally and politely escorting everyone including the caterers outside so that we could have that moment to ourselves). The music choices were also on-point. They know how to get the party going, feel out the crowd, and keep up the pace with the room. Great variety, incredible sound quality, and no technical hiccups whatsoever. Caleb just “gets it”. Highly recommend these professionals."


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