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CALEB STONER - head Host/DJ (owner)

Caleb is a United States Marine Corps Veteran with a bachelors degree in Political Science from UNF. He has a passion for all types of music, a background in choreography and dancing, and an up-for-anything kind of attitude. One of his interesting hobbies is acting/directing in short films.

He will be the Head Host/DJ while mixing music live and making all necessary announcements.

Caleb is the proud father of his daughter Claire and son Jack. He has never met a stranger, and chances are, he probably already knows at least one person on your guest list.

GRAYSON JONES - head host/DJ

Grayson has a Bachelors Degree in History from UNF. He is a full time high school History teacher. He is a multitalented artist who loves all kinds of music and enjoys singing and playing the guitar, piano and drums. 


Grayson will Host the entire event from start to finish as the DJ and MC. He will interact with your guests and make all necessary announcements. 

On his left hand is a ring and under that suit top is a half-sleeve of Narnia tattoos. You can find him hanging with his equally-as-talented wife Reagan and their 4 sons on the weekends. 


CHARLEE STONER - DJ assistant (owner)

Charlee has her Business Degree in Supervision & Management with expertise in coordinating, social media marketing, and preproduction planning of each event.

You can find her at her laptop during the week emailing you before your event.

She loves a good cup of coffee and checking off to-do list items. Her love language is carefully curated, well implemented reception timelines. 


Tracy is our newest addition to the team! She is the sister of Grayson Jones and equally talented in many areas. She is an artist, fine art, and a family + children photographer. 

She is an ISTJ along with a 1W9 enneagram which makes her a perfect fit as a DJ assistant. She has the cutest Chihuahua named Stella May.  

Some of her fine art is actually displayed in the Aria Hotel, Las Vegas. Tracy's favorite artist is Martin Garrix, who she plans to actually go see live in Las Vegas soon. 

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